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A Pioneer Innovation Award Recipient

Mr. Lex Mathews

Principal of the Patrick Gavin Middle School

Mr. Scott Harrison Instructional Technologist


Patrick Gavin Middle School

215 Dorchester Street
South Boston, Massachusetts zip code 02127 United States

Telephone 617-635-8817
Our Mission: We are committed to preparing our students to be productive leaders in the 21st Century. Through support to students and their families, each student will be challenged to maximize personal potential in the development of academic skills and social responsibilities.

Education for the 21st Century

Our objective is to create "Education for the 21st Century". We will accomplish this by using all available Technologies and integrating them into the entire Educational Process. In doing this , the Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to prepare both themselves and the community for life in the age of information.

Welcome to the Patrick Gavin Middle School. Our school will be defined by both Student outcomes and curriculum structure. Technology will be an integral part of our Educational Community. Staff will be assisting students in accessing and analyzing information, solving problems, and understanding current issues in historical and cultural context.

Upon completion of Patrick Gavin Middle School, students will have completed an independent learning project, and City Wide Learning Standards, based on integrated curriculum designed to meet specific educational goals.

Students will be able to access information via many sources such as the Internet, and iteract with students from other schools. Students will be accountable for maintaining their own electronic portfolio and demonstrate learning experiences achieved inside and outside the classroom.

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The right environment for all pupils to achieve their best.

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